Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Brantley had so much fun this year! He got so into the presents and playing with his toys. He was so much fun to watch this year! It really is so much better with kids and it will only get better the older he gets. I can't wait tell next year!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

15 Month's Old!

Brantley had his 15 month check up today and here are the stats:
Height: 31inches 55%
Weight: 25 lbs 60%
Head: 18.5inches 45%
Brantley is just about average on everything. He is doing good, but he still cannot shake off this sinus infection and ear infection. He has to go on another antibiotic for another 10 days and if that does not do it, the doctor is going to give him 3 rounds of shots. Lets hope that does not happen. We need him better before Dec 30th so that we can go to Akamal healthy! He is still pretty happy considering what he has been through. He really such a great boy!

Christmas Lights

We went to the Christmas lights on Monday with Justin's family. I thought that Brantley would enjoy them, but not so much. The above pictures are the best that I could get. He was crying almost the whole time. Afterwards we went and got ice cream and Brantley was happy with that. He loves his ice cream!