Monday, October 26, 2009

Black Island Farms Field Trip

Brantley went on his first field trip in Preschool this month to Black Island Farms. They were able to go on a hay ride, pick their own pumpkin, go on a train ride and go down big slides. He had so much fun and I loved being able to meet all of the kids in his preschool and some of the parents. Such a fun day!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Last Camping Trip of the Year

So for the last trip of the year we headed down to the dunes last weekend. It was great weather and we had a blast! Riding, playing in the sand, getting dirty how much better does it get? What a great summer we had camping!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Brantley's Surgery

Warming up to the wagon before surgery
Getting ready to go in
Wasn't quite sure what to think!
On Friday Brantley went in for his surgery and everything went really well. We had been talking to him about this all week long and what was going to happen, but he really didn't quite understand but he did a lot better then what I thought that he would. Once we got him in his gown and everything taken care of and after he had met all of the doctors and nurses, they wheeled him back in this wagon and Justin and I couldn't go with him. I was so nervous about this cause Brantley does not do well with people that he does not know but he didn't even cry when they took him. The doctor said that he was crying once they got him in the room and started giving him the gas to make him sleep, but that he did really good. The surgery took about 45 min and they put tubes in his ears, removed his adenoids and clipped his tongue since he was starting to talk with a lisp since he was tongue tied. The doc said that his adenoids were some of the biggest if not the biggest adenoids he had ever seen in such a young kid and his ears were full of fluid so it was a good thing that we did the surgery. Brantley was scared and confused after the surgery but once we got him to drink something he did a lot better so they let us go home after only 3 hrs. Once we got home, we thought that Brantley would be whinny and sleeping a lot for a day or two, but no not our Brantley. Once he fully woke up, he was up and ready to play. We had to really try and slow him down even with Codeine in him!!! He only complained about the pain when the drugs were wearing off. He has been such a trooper!! Now we hope that it makes a big difference. He is already asking what normal daily sounds are that he couldn't hear before so that's a good sign and his nose is running hardly at all! He is such a brave little guy.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sharing and Playing

This was too cute not to post. Brantley was playing his video game and Lilley wanted to play along with him. So, Brantley scooted right up to her and they played together. It was so cute!! Lilley just loves to play with Brantley and Brantley loves to share with Lilley (at least for now he does). I just love seeing their love for each other grow.