Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Tricks!

So Lilley has hit a few milestone in the last couple of weeks. She got her first tooth, started rolling all over the place, and can pull herself up on furniture and stand by herself. She also gets on all fours and rocks back and forth, but is not crawling yet. I didn't have any still pics of her rolling but I got a video of it so that will be coming soon. And the biggest milestone that she reached is she will now take a bottle!!! I have been working on her with this for the last 5 months almost everyday and was about to give up, then she all of a sudden decided that she liked it! She will now take a bottle and I now have a little more freedom! Way to go Lilley!!!! This was a huge relief for me.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Our friends little guy Landin
Maddie dresses like an old lady!
Brantley and Gavin

So Halloween this year had its up and downs. Our neighborhood decided to do trunk or treat on Halloween tell 6:30 which totally ruined it for us to trick or treat in our neighborhood since we had plans with Justin's family later that night which really made me mad! Who does trunk or treat on Halloween? Anyways, we decided to go trick or treating around Justin's sisters neighborhood instead. Brantley had a BLAST!!!! He was running from house to house and just loved it! Lilley was just great with walking around and loved looking at all of the fun costumes. So, the night ended up being a lot of fun anyways. Brantley just didn't get to see all of his friends dressed up. Maybe next year he will see them!