Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tree House

Trying to get 5 kids to just look at you is impossible! (don't you just love the look Will is giving me? Hilarious!)

Lilley sticking her tongue out like always

Will is such a funny kid! Will and Liza were the teachers

Brantley and Benjamin were being really good students (Brantley has already learned to cheat! What are we going to do with this kid! hahaha)

Riding the bull

They thought that it was great that water actually came out of the cow when you milked it.

Playing chess. She played with these for the longest time!

Not quit sure what Grandma is making her do
Me, my mom and Aunt Bekah decided to venture out with 5 kids to the tree house for a little fun and fun we had! The kids couldn't get enough and had a blast playing with everything. I couldn't keep Lilley in one place for more then a couple of minutes except for at the chess board. She for some reason did not want to leave there. Hope she doesn't turn into a chess nerd! hahaha! Brantley had a blast with Benjamin and really enjoyed spending some time with is cousins Will and Liza since he doesn't get to see them to often. It was a great time!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sand Dunes

They rode around like this holding hands. SOOOO cute! Brantley is such a great big brother and Lilley loves him so much. It just makes my heart melt!

Climbing up the dune
Going down
Lilley has started to say "cheese" when I take a picture and this is what she does

Landin and Kristy
The whole group
Lilley and Aspen
So we went on our first camping trip this last weekend to the sand dunes. We went with a lot of good friends and had a blast! The weather was perfect, kids were great, had an awesome time playing in the sand and we got in a lot of riding! It was so nice to get out and camp again. It got me all excited for this summer and all of the many trips to come!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


This was Brantley when it first started saying MOMMY!!!
Kind of getting some candy

Getting into it all
So this year we ended up going to Smiths for the Easter Egg Hunt. It was nice cause it was indoors since it was so cold but the candy was only so so. Brantley was his normal self now a days and was real intimidated by it all and was real shy on getting into it. He wanted me right by his side. It was kind of funny once he started to realize what was going on he kept telling me that if he took some of the candy then the other kids wouldn't get as much! What 3 yr old is worried about how much candy others are getting? Once the kids moved down the isle a little he would go and pick up the candy they left behind. Funny kid! Lilley did a little better, but she would get distracted by putting everything in her mouth like always. The kids had a great time!! We didn't get a lot of candy but I was glad. All I need is more candy and temptation around me!