Sunday, March 25, 2012

St. Patricks Day

I'm not one who really remembers St. Patricks day in fact last year I didn't even remember to dress my kids in green!  It wasn't one of my favorite holidays to say the least.  Well, this year with Brantley being in preschool they celebrated St. Patricks day there and he was all excited about it!  He was wondering if the leprechauns were going to come to our house and make a mess.  He also came up with this great idea of setting up a trap cause he really wanted to catch one.  So of coarse I went along with it.  I was lost on what to do so I headed right over to the every trusty pinterest and came up with some great ideas.  Brantley came up with the trap.  We used a shoe box and some "gold" (I couldn't find gold coins anywhere!!  So we settled for caramel kisses) and a stick to drop the trap to see if we could catch on of those little buggers.  Well, we weren't successful on trapping one but he sure did leave a mess!!!  He left green foot prints EVERYWHERE!  All over the door, the floor, the walls, bathroom and all over the table and counter.  They even messed up the couches and pulled out some of the dvd's while trying to find gold.  They left us a little note telling us that we almost caught them and left the kids some gold and some shirts with green on them so that they wont get pinched.  They told Brantley better luck next year!!  He's already planning our trap for next year.  I had so much fun doing this!!  The kids loved it and so did I.  I'm now a fan of St. Patricks Day!!

 They thought that it was sooo funny and gross that the leprechauns peed in the toilet and didn't flush it!!  Lilley was pretty grossed out and Brantley thought it was hilarious!!

Haha!!  Lilley wasn't sure what to think about the green eggs and ham that Brantley had requested.

For dinner we had green Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo.  The kids LOVED IT!!

And of coarse we had to make a treat!!  So we made green andes mint chocolate chip cookies.  They were yummy!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lilley's 3rd Birthday!

So Lilley decided to get a year older and turned 3!  I know its what I always say  and so does everyone else but I can't believe that my little girl is 3.  It's so sad but then again, I just LOVE this age!  She was excited for a week for her birthday.  It was so much fun watching her and how she acted on her birthday.  The night before I went and got 30 balloons blown up and put them up in her room when she was sleeping.  When he woke up she just loved it.  Although 30 balloons doesn't look like as much as I thought it would. Maybe next year we will do 50 or more. 

Lilley asked for a Minnie Mouse party so of coarse we did.  She wanted cupcakes so I found this idea and they turned out pretty cute.  The only thing that I would have changed is I would have used thin mint cookies instead of the the peanut butter ones.  They were too heavy and the ears kept falling off.  But they sure were cute and she loved them!  That's all that matters.

She looked soo cute in her Minnie outfit and mouse ears!!  

Man does she love her dolls!! 

She was singing happy birthday to herself...too cute!!

Thank you everyone who was able to come and celebrate with us.  Lilley is one lucky girl to have so many family and friends around!  Happy Birthday baby girl!!  We love you!!