Monday, August 20, 2012

Island Park Summer 2012

Oh Island Park...our home away from home.  I love this place!  Everything about it.  The beautiful surroundings, the wonderful cabin, great friends and the relaxation.  It is by far my favorite place to go with the family within driving distance.  This year was like always a great trip.  Here are a few pictures of it.  I am missing a bunch since I took the second half of our pictures with our friends camera thinking it was ours and I haven't gotten them from her.  HAHA!!

There were lots of little river crossings and like always going threw the water is a great time!

We just had to take a picture and document the street name of this trail we were on...AWESOME!!

Brantley;s great photographer skills of Justin striking a pose

The adults...Once again Brantley's great photography skills

You've always got to get a picture at big springs right?!

The Girls

We were lucky enough to see two moose, a mommy deer with two baby deer and an bull elk.  Love it!!

Another great year spent in Island Park. Love it!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Oh how I LOVE rainbows especially double rainbows!!!


What a beautiful weekend!!  It was so much fun!  We went on some of the best trails that I've ever been on this weekend.  Nate and Cheri were nice enough to invite us up to their cabin in the Uinta's.  It's nice when we don't have to pack and tow the trailer up!  It rained every day for an hour or two and then would clear up so it wasn't dusty at all.  It was also nice to get out of the heat for the weekend.  It was great!

stopped for lunch

This trail is the one that I just LOVED!!!  It we almost didn't fit in some spots!
SOOO pretty!!

The group stopping for a rest

Levi and Kristy going through the river

HAHA!!  Nate miss judged how steep the edge was and they went in.  Nate got the boys and himself out and forgot about Cheri who was stuck in her seat belt getting soaked..She wasn't too happy.  LOVE IT!!

Love the silly face!!

Hogle Zoo...the second time this year!

So in June we headed down to the Hogle Zoo for the second time this year. Ryleigh and Austin were up from AZ spending some time with is so my mom decided that the zoo would be a cool place to go while they were here. This time we spent some time there and we were able to see Rizo the polar bear!  They were all pretty excited for that! 
All of the kids that came...Jennae, Ryleigh, Katie, Brantley, Lilley and Austin

Lilley was my mom's little buddy the whole time.  Love it!!

RIZO!!  He put on quite the show.  The kids LOVED it!!  He kept coming up to the glass and pushing off.  It was pretty cool

I just LOVE those pig tails!!  Watching the Rhino

Doesn't he look so happy?  He was mad at me for taking him picture. HAHA!!