Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Anyone Need a Delivery Man?

He thought that this mask was the coolest! He got it from his babysitter Emma. But he kept wanting to put it on upside down. Funny boy!

Delivering his first package for the night

Grandma St.Jeor, Brantley and Bridger
This year for Halloween Brantley was a UPS Delivery Man! He was so stickin cute! When we went to pick out a costume for him Justin picked out the UPS costume and I picked out a train driver costume and we let Brantley choose. Well, the UPS one won hands down. He did not want anything to do with the other costume! So, He picked it out even though he does not understand it. Justin then had to have him carry a box (makes since since he was a UPS Delivery Man) so instead of using his pumpkin for his candy bag, we made one out of a box. What a cleaver dad! He was so cute trick or treating. We did not go to that many houses, but the ones that we did, he just kept on grabbing handfuls of candy and I had to stop him. He just loved it and wanted to keep on going!