Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dew Tour

So this last weekend we headed up to Snow Basin for the Dew Tour to watch the snowboarding super pipe!  My sister Bekah's husband Jon works up there and got us the hook up!  We were able to go to the very top of the pipe and behind the boundaries.  We were right were they drop into the pipe.  It was so cool to see the riders talent in person.  It really is amazing what they can do!

It order to get on the top we had to hike up the pipe.  It was really steep, really slick and long!  Brantley did amazing!!!  He climbed up all on his own without falling once.  He did a lot better then I did for sure!

On the top!!!

Riders getting ready to go

Bekah took Brantley up to where the riders were hanging out tell it was their time to ride.  They had hot chocolate and talked to some of the riders including Louie Vito who was the guy who took first place!
Dropping into the pipe

Amazing tricks!!

Brantley and Bekah coming down from hanging with the riders.  When it was over and we headed back down, it was so steep that we ended up sliding on our butts to get down.  There were several people that lost control (including me) and ended up running into each other.  It was pretty crazy how fast we got going!

Brantley didn't have enough and as we were walking to the car he had to climb up one last hill and roll down it.  Funny kid!!

Boys will be Boys...Right?

The other day I sent Brantley in to make his bed and clean up his room and apparently he had his own way that he wanted  to do things.  When he came out from cleaning he would just start giggling for no reason.  I kept asking him what was so funny and he kept telling me nothing.  He did this for an hour off and on.  Well bed time came and when I walked into his room he started making fart noises and laughing sooo hard!!!  I turned around and asking him what was so funny and he told me that is animals were farting on me!  He had set all of his animals on his bed with their butts up in that air so that when someone walked by them they would "fart" on them.   Were does he come up with these things?  Silly Boy!!!