Monday, November 1, 2010


Brantley wanted a picture next to his pumpkin that he painted

My cute little lady bug!

Our Supercross Rider!

I couldn't even get a picture with both of them together looking at me so this was the best I got

So Halloween this year was a lot of fun. We ended up going to our friends house Steph and Newels to do trick or treating since my neighborhood did trunk or treat Sat later. It turned out to be a lot better. Brantley had a great time going out with the older kids and was shown how it is done and got a lot of candy. Lilley was so cute and got right into it. She said trick or treat at almost every house then followed with Thank you! She was running to every house. It didn't even rain on us! Then we just hung out at their house. What a great night!