Monday, December 3, 2012

Brantleys first concert in Kindergarten

Can I just say that I just LOVE Brantley's teacher this year?  She is such a great teacher and is soo good with Brantley and he is learning soo much!  Brantley tells me that he really likes her too cause she is goofy just like him.  She is a perfect match for him!  She did this program with her kids to show us parents what our kids have been learning and it sure was a lot of fun to watch.  Brantley did so good!  He really got into it and we just loved watching him. 

Halloween 2012

This year for Halloween Lilley was a peacock and Brantley was Harry Potter(of course)! They were both so cute and so into it! Lilley I think was more into it then Brantley even was.  It was such a great night. 

Lilley to love it!

And of course Brantley with his silly faces.

Aren't they both so cute?!

Some of the neighbor kids that we were able to get a picture of before everyone headed out

Monday, November 19, 2012


So we decided to put Lilley into tumbling classes for only 6 weeks  to see how she did and if she liked it and she loved it!  (well most of the time).  And she did really good.  It was so cute to watch these 3 and 4 year old concentrate so hard and learn how to do these little tricks.  Lilley is so determined and practiced every day.  She loved going and is now wanting to do it again and dance. 
On her first day hopping on one foot.  This was hilarious!!

This was on her last day..she did so good!

Backward the end she didn't need any help from her teacher and did them all by herself

back bends..or as they call them "the mail box trick"  haha!

Dad's 60th Birthday Celibration

So for my Dad's 60th birthday my mom set it up so that the whole family was up at the cabin to surprise him for the weekend.  It was kinda a trick to get everyone there without my dad knowing about it but it but we were successful and it sure was awesome to have everyone there together since it doesn't happen that frequently at all. 
Lilley and Brantley got a hold of my phone and took this pic while we were stopped for lunch...I thought it was such a cute pic!!!
All the kids hiding cause Grandpa had just gotten to the cabin and still doesn't know!

He was so surprised!

Brantley and Will played so good together!  They were playing Lego's here

Lilley loves her Aunt Bekah!

The whole family going on a easy hike at Big Springs

All of the grand kids!!  Man that's a lot of very cute kids!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

She's riding a two wheeler!!

So Lilley decided that she wanted to ride a bike without her training wheels so we gave it a try one afternoon in Sept. and she was off!  It only took a few times for her to get it down but she is still struggling with starting and needs help with that but she's doing really good and following right in her brothers footsteps.  Way to go Lilley!!!


So right after soccer ended Brantley started basketball.  He did really good with going and playing.  He wasn't really aggressive but he was there and enjoying it.  Well by the end of the 5 weeks he was done with it and he just didn't like it that much.  I told him that I was proud that he did it and tried it and that was all that really mattered plus he looked really cute playing and it was down right hilarious watching these little kindergartners trying to dribble the ball while running down the court.  But he was kind of glad it was over with.  :-)

Riding Bikes to School

During green ribbon week Brantley's school encouraged the kids to either walk or ride their bikes to school this week so on the days that I didn't work that is exactly what we did!  It was a little chilly but it was so much fun! 

The Party

Brantley wanted a Harry Potter party this year so that is what he got!  It turned out so cute and Brantley loved it which is the most important part.  Here is the set up...
Platform 9 3/4
Honeydukes Candy Shop

Chocolate Frogs

The wands I made

And the Capes!
Every  kid went to Gringoffs Bank when they first arrived and received their money so that they could purchase all of the necessary supplies to attend school at Hogwarts. 
They went to Madam Malkins rob shop to be fitted for their robs and receive them then it was off to Olivanders to have their wands choose the wizard. 

They played around for a min casting spells on each other and making sure they worked properly

Next they were off to Snapes Potion class where they made Exploding Elixar and some "good luck" potion to take home

Once class was over we were off to play a little Quiddich

Then it was off to open presents and then all of the kids took a trip to Honeydukes Candy shop to spend the rest of their money on treats and goodies!