Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

Aunt Bekah got the kids these cool water bottles with their names on them and they are the favorite present by a long shot!!
this book is awesome! What kid wouldn't like a book about them going on an adventure with Diego! What a great idea! Thanks Will Brantley has had us read it to him several times.

Brantley's new cheese! You will get to see a lot of these in the next few posts. This is all that I get from him. Love it!
The first present!
So this year was a little different then normal. We went to the St.Jeors for dinner Christmas Eve like always (I forgot my camera so sorry I didn't get any pictures) but instead of heading home we went over to my parents to see cousins and open all of our gifts from my parents. They flew out Christmas morning to Florida for Andrew and Abby's open house for Abby's family and friends so we were not able to see them on Christmas. Brantley really liked it this way because he was able to open all of this presents from them that night. What kid wouldn't like that? Thanks Mom and Dad! The kids loved everything! We then headed home put out cookies for Santa and off to bed he went (mom and dad ended up staying up tell 1 putting things together). Brantley really surprised us and slept tell 8! I was really shocked since for the 3 previous nights he was having issues sleeping cause he was just too excited for Christmas!!! Hahahaha. He must have been so exhausted from the lack of sleep. Christmas morning to come on the next post!!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010


Chilling with dad while mom baked and baked and baked
This is Brantley's favorite part of me baking. He gets to taste everything and lick the beaters clean.
Lilley even got into it and LOVED licking the beaters.
Don't mind the hair on both kids. It was in the morning and we hadn't gotten baths in yet. We just loved all of the holiday baking this year.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Just Chillin

So during the hussle and bussle of the holidays Lilley is determined to just chill and relax! Love that girl and that contagious smile!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa and Blitzen 2010

Lilley didn't like Santa this year...Everyones got to have a pic on Santa's lap screaming right?

Brantley on the other hand was all about Santa!
Neither one of them wanted to pet Blitzen but we did get a pic by him.
My parents neighbor had Santa and Blitzen come and visit again this year. Clink here if you want to see last years. It really is great of them to do this every year for all of the kids. It is becoming a tradition for us and I hope they continue to do it in years to come. Brantley didn't want to touch the Reindeer again this year and neither did Lilley. At least Brantley wanted to sit on Santa's lap this year but Lilley didn't! Got to love it. Poor Lilley wasn't feeling good this year and was freezing cold. Justin had her wrapped up in his coat to try and keep her warm. I felt so bad.

First Snow Storm of the Season

Throwing snowballs at dad

Brantley was so excited when he woke up and saw snow outside he couldn't wait to go play in it. Like always it took 15 min to get him all dressed and he was outside playing for 5 min. Got to love it. But he had a great time and that is all that counts. Lilley was there too but wasn't all dressed up and she wouldn't even touch the snow. She HATES it!! She screams every time she gets near it. I didn't get any pics of her but it really was kind of funny. Let winter begin!!

Turkey Trot

This year I decided to run the Syracuse Turkey Trot 5k a week before Thanksgiving with my friend Erin. It was cold, windy and did I say cold? I had four shirts on and thermals under my pants and I still froze! It really wasn't fun but I am glad that I did it. Trying to keep up with running is not all that fun when it is cold outside. I guess that is all part of running right?

Monday, November 1, 2010


Brantley wanted a picture next to his pumpkin that he painted

My cute little lady bug!

Our Supercross Rider!

I couldn't even get a picture with both of them together looking at me so this was the best I got

So Halloween this year was a lot of fun. We ended up going to our friends house Steph and Newels to do trick or treating since my neighborhood did trunk or treat Sat later. It turned out to be a lot better. Brantley had a great time going out with the older kids and was shown how it is done and got a lot of candy. Lilley was so cute and got right into it. She said trick or treat at almost every house then followed with Thank you! She was running to every house. It didn't even rain on us! Then we just hung out at their house. What a great night!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Justin's Grandma Eggers 80th Birthday Celebrations

Singing Happy Birthday to Grandma Eggers at The Mandarin
Love that smile!!!
The whole group!

Lilley was playing in this pipe playing peek a boo!

Justin's Cousin Jana wanted pics with all of the boys.

and of coarse with the girls too

Some of the grand kids. Lilley and Brantley had had enough of the whole picture thing by now.

Lilley's bribe to be some what good while we were doing this FROGGYS!!

Grandma Eggers with all of her great grand kids.

Lilley with her favorite cousin Maddy! We love it when Maddy is around.

So Justin's whole family extended and all came into Utah to celebrate his Grandma Eggers 80th Birthday. It was so nice to see everyone and meet some that I hadn't met before. We went to The Mandarin for dinner one night and since we were all together we had to get pictures done with everyone! Thanks everyone for making it such a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Layton Marathon

After the race. Jamie (Justin's sister) ran the half marathon

So I normally don't blog about me and only me, but on this one I had too. At the beginning of the summer I told myself that by the end of the summer that I was going to run a 10k. For a little history, I am not a runner, never have been, and at the time I couldn't even run a mile without dying. I could walk but not run. So when I set this goal I knew that it wasn't going to be easy. During the summer I had worked up to running 7.5 miles and thought that the 10k would be a breeze tell about 5 weeks before the race my knee started bothering me and I could barley run a mile and had to stop cause my knee hurt so bad. I went into the doc and got a steroid injected into my knee and about 1 week before the race I was able to start running again. So I was out of practice and was nervous that I wasn't going to be able to run the whole thing. Well I did it!!! It was such an accomplishment for me. The only bad thing was that I got mixed up on what time the race started and showed up 15 min after the 10k started so I had to start with the 5k runners which started 20 min after I was supposed to and just kept going. So my time that they have is 20 min longer then what I really ran it in which sucks but I at least know what my real time was. I ran it in 1 hour 1 min and 54 secs which is 9.74 min miles. Not to bad! It was great to have my family cheering me on at the finish line. Thanks for all of the support!! Now I'm training to run a half marathon! I really am liking this running thing and I'm glad that I set this goal. It really is an adrenaline rush and I wouldn't have accomplished any of this if I hadn't!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Brantley's 4th Birthday

So my little boy turned 4!! I can't believe that is is getting so big! Time just needs to slow down. He was so excited to have his birthday that every morning when he woke up he would ask if it was his birthday that day and was so sad when I told him not yet. The night before his birthday I told him that when he woke up in the morning that it was going to be his birthday. That morning when he came into my room to wake me up, he was acting all shy like he was waiting for me to say something to him. When I finally stopped teasing him and told him "Happy Birthday" he got so excited and he kept telling me "thank you" all day long. It was so dang cute!!! He had a blast at his party and was so polite to everyone. Birthday's really do get funner the older they get. He got spoiled like always. Thanks everyone who could come for making Brantley's day that much more special to him. We love having Brantley in our family. He makes things so fun and brights up every occasion. We love you Brantley!!!!

The cake!