Sunday, March 23, 2008

Moab Jeep Safari

Rachel and Brantley Hanging out while we all took a brake from the trail.

Brantley had so much fun riding the 4wheelers that he would not get off. He kept on asking to go for a "ide" It was so cute! He fell asleep on the last part of this ride. I am looking forward to a lot more times like this this summer!

This was the event of the weekend! Brantley actually locked himself in the truck and the truck was running! It was so scary! Get this, we also have Onstar, but when we called them, they said that we have the analog version and not the digital, so they could not unlock the doors for us! It was frustrating. We finally after about 20min, got Brantley to roll the window down. He thought that it was pretty funny though. He just laughed and played.

The easter bunny came to visit Brantley in Moab. He loved playing with his bubbles. It was fun to do easter this year since last year he was to young.

He was throwing rocks all weekend long and I just thought this was funny that he was was throwing them at the Bronco.

Just chillin in the back of the Bronco while crawling threw slick rock. He thought that it was so fun! He just kept on saying "Whoa, Whoa" and laughing!

Levi trying to go up "widow maker" It was crazy but also pretty cool to watch.

Justin going on that big wall of slick rock. The Bronco did really good for the first time out! But, after getting up this, the Bronco died and would not start up. Levi had to tow us out of the trail. That was really interesting! Being towed threw slick rock with a baby asleep in the back. It was fun though. It was great to get out in so good weather and camp! It really was a blast!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brantley is 18 Month's Old!

He likes to throw himself down on the ottoman and then fall forward onto the ground. He thinks that he is so funny!

He also now likes to eat from the bar like a big boy instead of in his highchair. He thinks that he is so big! He really has turned into my little toddler instead of my baby.

This was just to cute not to share. This was his first time eating frosting from the beaters. He thought that it was so fun and good! He started crying when the frosting was all gone off the beaters and I had to take it away.

We went to his 18 month check up and here are the stats:
Height 32" 40%
Weight 27.9 70%
Head 19" 60%
He is still my little chub! I love it! He is growing so fast and turning into quite a character. He makes us laugh everyday. He is talking nonstop and runs around everywhere. His favorite thing still is to go riding. We took him out twice since it started to kind of warm up, and now every morning the first thing that he asks for is to go for a ride! Justin is so proud! He also has turned into quite the little snuggle bug. He loves to be rocked and he also comes up to me and gives me a hug and says "Luv u!" It just makes me melt.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

The rules of the game are Copy and paste this into your blog. Answer the questions and at the end of the post, tag some people and post their names, then go to their blog and leave them a comment letting them know they are tagged.
10 years ago I was : a Junior in High school, working at Applebee's as a hostess
5 things on my to do list for today: 1. Take Brantley to the doctors 2. go to the gym 3. Take a Nap 4. Go to Grocery Store 5. Make Dinner
4 things I would do if I became a billionaire: 1. Buy a house 2.Buy new cars 3. Save for our kids college 4. Go on a big shopping spree
3 bad habits: 1.biting my nails 2.Being to big of a push over 3. I am OCD about weird things
5 places I have lived: 1.Layton, Utah 2. Ogden, Utah 3.West Layton, Utah 4. Kaysville, Utah 5. Syracuse, Utah
5 jobs I have had: 1. Mom 2. Outside Sales for Gordo Sales 3. Customer Care 4. Secretary 5. Accounts Receivable
6 Things most people don't know about me: 1. I love to go riding 2. I am moody 3. I am a big dog fanatic 4. I love camping and being out doors 5. I love anything salty 6. I really want to get a horse
THE second TAG:
One word. First word that comes to your mind. No explaining. Not as easy as you think.
1. Where is your cell pone? Sitting right next to me
2. Your hair? Great!
3. Work? Not today
4. Your Father? Loving
5. Your favorite thing? Brantley
6. Your dream last night? Can't remember
7. Your favorite drink? Diet Dr. Pepper
8. Your dream car? M5
9. The room you are in? Family Room
10. Your fears? Losing
11. What do you want to be in ten years? Still Happy and in Love
12. Who did you hang out with last night? Rachel
13. What you are not good at? Organizing
14. Muffin? Blueberry
15. One of your wish list items? Spring to get here!
16. Where you grew up? Layton
17. Last thing you did? Put Brantley down for a Nap
18. What are you wearing? PJ's
19. What aren't you wearing? Shoes
20. Your pet? Belle
21. Your computer? Nice
22. Your life? Perfect
23. Your mood? tired
24. Missing? Warm Weather
25. What are you thinking about right now? Brantley
26. Your car/truck? X5
27. Your summer? FUN!!!
28. Your relationship status? Happy
29. Your favorite color? Purple
30. When was the last time you laughed with meaning? Last Night
31. Last time you cried?Weeks ago
32. School? done
33. Least favorite weather? Cold
34. Soup? Chicken Noodle
35. Movie? Romance