Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Now that's a Bubble Bath!!!

Brantley and his silly face!

Lilley put these foam letters on her ears and thought that she was really funny.  Too Cute!

Lilley has been such a funny little girl.  A couple of months ago Brantley wanted to add bubbles to their bath and Lilley HATED it!  She was scarred of the bubbles.  It really was kind of funny.  Well we decided to give bubbles a second chance and this time she LOVED it!  She asks for bubbles every time she gets into the bath now.  She has done this with several things.  She gets scarred really easily but if you keep trying she ends up loving it.  I just love seeing her grow and seeing her personality grow as well. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Years Eve Weekend

Brantley doing his crazy moves.  Love it!

Our good friend Steph and Newell are expecting their 3rd child!  We are so excited for them!  They were trying for 7 years and finally did it. 

This baby bumbo seat was a fight with Lilley and Landin all weekend long.  Too funny!

So this year we brought in the new year up in Island Park at our friends cabin.  We had such a great weekend but I only got the camera out on new years eve.  Woops.   We had a great time snowmobiling playing in the snow and hanging out with the best friends ever!  The only bad thing about it was it was soooo cold!  One of the days it didn't even hit 0!  I guess we should expect that in Island Park right !?! 

Christmas Morning at the St.Jeors

After all of the opening at our house we always head over to Justin's parents house to open presents with them.  The kids were spoiled like always and had a great morning.  We were then able to go home and spend the rest of Christmas at home playing and relaxing.  It was a great Christmas!!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Morning

So our kids got spoiled this year!! It was so exciting to see them get so excited about Christmas. Brantley was so wired up the night before and so excited he could hardly stand it! Brantley keeps asking when it is going to be Christmas again and that he can hardly wait tell then. He's got a while tell then thankfully! Lilley was just too funny. Once she saw her wiggle car she wouldn't get off of it! She just kept riding it around the kitchen. We had to really convince her to open more presents. Oh and don't mind Lilley's nakedness. She has a problem with holding her pee in tell she sleeps and then pees all at night. When she was woken up she and her sheets where soaking wet. So she's naked!

Don't mind the had been played with and destroyed by now so it doesn't look the best
Brantley's face when he walked out and say everything

Lilley was so funny. She didn't know what to think tell she saw her wiggle car! So Excited!!!!

Every Girl loves jewelry right?
Brantley's loot from Santa and mom and dad. He got even more from Grandparents and Cousins!! He was spoiled for sure!

Lilley's loot from Santa and mom and dad.