Monday, April 8, 2013

Second Tooth

So Brantley lost his second tooth the first of March.  He was so excited that the tooth fairy was going to visit again!!

Instagram Update

So I've been horrible with getting out my SLR and have been using my phone most of the time and I've been using Instagram a lot more as well.  So I thought I'd post an update from our day to day lives via Instagram.
Lilley was pretending to be a donut head...Silly girl!

Cute hair

We got a lot of snow this winter and I really was tired of shoveling every day! 

Play date at the Kangaroo Zoo in Ogden.  The kids LOVED it!!!


At school Brantley's teacher performed a wedding for Q and U!  The boys dressed up as quarterbacks and the girls like queens.  They had a wedding celebration all day including a wedding cake....Can I just day we LOVE his teacher?!
Brantley's Valentine's day gifts he gave to his class mates.  They were made out of Rollo's and kisses. 

Dr. Seuss day at school.  His teacher dressed up as Thing 1 then half way through class changed to thing 2.  She didn't say a single word all day and played tricks on the kids through out the day.  It was hilarious!

Play date at Classic Skating.  I roller skated for the first time in more then 15 yrs.  So much fun!

Lilley and her new friend Kaylie at Classic


So we decided to put Brantley into snowboarding lessons this year for the first time and he did amazing!!  Although I really wasn't too surprised.  He really is a natural at any sport that requires balance and coordination.  He was lucky enough to have his wonderful aunt Bekah take him up to snow basin and put him into private lessons.  By the end of the season he was a going from his heal to toe edges, turning down the hill with only falling a couple of times and was ready for the bigger hills.  He loved every min of it!

Reading Medal

So back at the first of the year Brantley earned his kindergarten reading medal!  He had to pass off 65 books in order to earn this and he did it in 4 months.  We are so proud of you Brantley!