Thursday, July 26, 2012

Syracuse Days

So the Syracuse Days Parade has become a family tradition for us every year.  This year we went with our great friends Levi and Kristy and their kids Landin and Bailey and our new neighbors Amber with her two girls Berlynn and Blake.  It was an awesome time and the kids got a ton of candy too!!  Later that night we went to the fireworks but I forgot our camera for that.  Bummer!! 
Lilley with her new friends Berlynn and Blake

Yuba Lake

So back in June we headed down to Yuba Lake.  We had such a great time!!!   What's not to've got water, boating, RZR and dirt bike riding, THE BEST friends ever and lots and lots of sunny warm weather!!  Oh and can't forget about camping on the beach.  Awesome right?! The kids had such a great time playing and were really soo good.  They played so hard they even slept in every day tell 9 or later which never happens camping.  What a great trip! 

Lilley and Aspen building a sand castle

She couldn't stay out of the water!

This is a pic on top of a hill we rode up to of where we were camping...right on the beach!

Brantley learned how to skip rocks
The "driver"

It was so dusty!!  Brantley back from one of his rides with dad

Couldn't be happier being so dirty!!

Brantley went tubing for the first time without mom or dad and LOVED it!!
Love his face!!