Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sand Hollow

The sand Dunes Right on the Shore and up the mountain.

Levi, Kristi, Rachel and Becky hanging out in the boat.

Brantley riding his 4wheeler butt naked with his shoes still on right after he got out of the bath! We just can't get him off of these things! If he is not riding with mom or dad on their machines he has to be riding (none stop) on his machine no matter what!

This weekend we went down to Sand Hollow, which is about 15 min out of St.George. It is was a fun weekend. We ran out of gas in the truck on the way down there, ran out of gas on the 4wheeler when we were way out in the dunes, the truck got stuck in the sand, and it was really windy on Sat so we just hung out in the trailer. But, on the good side, it is warm, Sunday morning was perfect for boating and riding, and we still had a lot of fun. Brantley just loves to camp and be "outide" all day long and it was nice to go down to warm weather.