Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Little bit of Bragging!

Before the deck but concrete poured
Building the frame
flooring done in a picture frame

Finished product!

So I have to do a little bragging about my husband. He is such a great handyman and can do and build anything that is handed to him and does amazing work! When we built this house we just had stairs from the door down to a real small square of concrete. Not attractive at all. We have been wanting to build a deck for a while and we finally decided to do it. Once we made that decision, Justin didn't waste any time and started with pouring concrete and designing the deck. I helped with what colors but I let Justin decide everything else. and this is what he came up with! It took a lot of time for him to do this, but he did all of it by himself (and I helped when the kids let me). We just love it and enjoy using it almost every day! Now I can't wait tell Spring and getting patio furniture to complete it all! Thanks babe for being so great and doing amazing things for us! We love it!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

6 Months Old

I can't believe that Lilley is already 6 months old!! She is doing real good. She weights in at 17 pounds 70% and is 26.5 inches long. She is sitting on her own, can roll both directions (although she doesn't do it often and hates to be on her stomach) and is sleeping a lot better as long as she has one of her little animal blanket things. (Just like Brantley. He still needs his bears to sleep). She is so fun and is happy almost all of the time. She is completely different then Brantley was at this age. She is content to just sit there as long as she has toys by her to play with or watching Brantley playing. She really has no desire to move. Brantley on the other hand, was already crawling all over the place by now. It is kind of nice that she is in no hurry to move.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Party!

So this year for Brantley's party we decided to invite friends too instead of just the family and Brantley had a blast!!! We have two water slides going and the tramp so there was lots of entertainment going on for everyone including the adults. It was so funny to watch all of the kids going down the slides and jumping. Thank you all for coming and celebrating Brantley's birthday with us. Brantley had so much fun and is still talking about it. He has been on a toy overload and doesn't know what to play with first. We have such great family and friends!!!! Thanks again for all of you that could make it and we missed those who couldn't!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brantley's Birthday!!!

Looking at his Birthday present from Mom and Dad excited!!!
Is it really mine?

Can I really jump and it is really mine??

Yeah!!!! It really is mine!!!

Brantley was so funny!! Justin and I got him a tramp for his birthday cause he just LOVES! to jump. I took him to get his birthday cake and while we were gone Justin put the tramp up. When we got home and he saw it he was not sure what to think! He kept asking us if it really is his and why is somebody's tramp in our back yard? It was to funny. But once he finally believed us that it was his, he got so excited!!! Stay tuned...more pics to come of his party!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eating Solids Already?

Too cute not to post. Love that smile!!

Lilley's new smile. Love it!!
So Lilley decided about 5 weeks ago to stop sleeping threw the night and wanting to eat. Well, even though the doc said to wait tell she was 6 months old to start solids, I decided that starting 2 weeks early wasn't going to hurt her and it might help with the sleeping problem. So, we started rice cereal and she likes it and is eating it good now. She is also sleeping better. Not quite threw the night yet, but we are getting there. I can't believe that she is already old enough to start solids. She is growing up way to fast!!!!


Lilley enjoying the we have another Brantley on our hands?

Like father like son

This is what Lilley did most of the weekend.
We went up to the Uintas this last weekend and had a great time relaxing and riding around. It was great to get out of the house. The weather was great and it was an over all excellent weekend.