Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hogle Zoo Commercial

So Brantley got this really cool opportunity and got to shoot for the commercial for the Hogle Zoo's new polar bear exhibit!  He was really excited for this before but when we got there he was really nervous and had a hard time getting up there to do it but he ended up doing it and did a really great job!  They paid him for it and he got enough to finally get his motor scooter that he has been wanting for a while now.  Way to go Brantley!  We are now just waiting to see if he is in the commercial or if he got cut.  We really hope he gets to be in it!! Sorry about the crappy pictures.  I forgot my camera and these are from my phone.

Waiting for them to get the set just right

They had him press his face up against this fish tank and had him do funny faces and follow their fingers

What the were filming

Monday, May 21, 2012

Fun times with Dad

So a week or so ago the kids were bored and so was dad so Justin came up with this great idea.  He attached the kids wagon to the 3-wheeler and drove them around.  They LOVED it(all three of them)!!  It provided hours of entertainment. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bad Luck!

I felt so bad for Brantley.  A couple of weeks ago Brantley got strep throat.  I took him in and started him on amoxicillin and hoping that in a day or two he will be is normal self and we would be able to go camping and he'd get to ride is dirt bike.  Well the next day he broke out in the rash on his hands, feet and was itching horribly.  So I took him in once again to the docs since I was worried he was having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic and you guessed it!!  He got hand foot mouth AND was have an allergic reaction as well.  I felt horrible!!  His feet were itching soo bad!  Putting them in cold water was the only thing that mad it feel better.  So about 12 hours after he was off of the amoxicillin the itching stopped and he started feeling better but since hand foot mouth is contagious we still weren't able to go camping.  Once again I felt horrible.  Poor kid! 

Wearing mom's shoes

Lilley cracks me up!  She LOVES to wear my shoes but I particularly loved this whole outfit she chose and put on all by herself.  Too funny! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

J & J Nursery Field Trip

Brantley had his last field trip in preschool and they went to J & J nursery. It was a great field trip and they had a great time learning and seeing all different types of plants.  We sure will miss preschool! 

Brantley took over the camera and this is one of the pics he took of his friend Logan

Another pic of Brantley's so don't mind the finger of his friend Corbin

Goofy kid!  Love it!

They each got to pick out a plant to take home and this is what Brantley picked out.  It's called a Spider plant

And this one is Lilley's.  I don't know what this one is called but she liked it because it's pink!
The whole class