Tuesday, October 16, 2012

He's 6!!!

So on September 12th Brantley turned 6!  I can't believe that my baby is 6.  He's getting so big so fast!  What a joy and blessing he has been in our lives!!

He woke up to balloon's covering the floor in his room. He thought it was pretty cool!

He was so patient all day waiting to open his presents tell everyone got there

The Cake!!!!  He wanted a Harry Potter cake and this is the one he chose

Man I love this kid!! 

I decided that I wanted to start asking the kids questions on their birthdays to document about what they like at that age.  Here is Brantley's at age 6:

My favorite outside activity is....riding my motor scooter
My favorite inside activity is....riding my wiggle car
My favorite food is....mac and cheese
My least favorite food is....pickles in fry sauce
My best friend is....Riley Tidwell
My favorite thing about school is....everything!!
I am really good at....riding my bike
My favorite book is....Harry Potter
My favorite color is....Blue
My favorite movie is....Harry Potter
My favorite toy is....My green remote race car
My favorite memory is....first time riding my bike w/o training wheels
My favorite animal is....a Giraffe
When I grow up I want to be....a cowboy
My favorite song is....Tootie Ta
My favorite show is....How it's Made
Three words that describe me are....Crazy, Weirdo, Kid
If one wish could come true it would be....to have a real want like Harry Potter
If I could have someone do one of my chores it would be....mom

We just love you Brantley and are so happy that you are in our family.  Happy 6th Birthday!!

Monday, October 8, 2012


Park City Get Away

So for my birthday Justin surprised me with a night get away to Park City and we went in Sept.  He invited Levi and Kristy to come up with us and we had a great time!  We started the weekend at the Alpine Slides.  I've lived in Utah my whole life and this was the first time I've gone to the slides.  Kinda sad!  But we had a blast!  We saw the ski jumps while we were at the Olympic Village the long jump and tricks into the pools.  It really was cool to see.  We then headed to our room and went to dinner and hung out.  It was a great weekend!  Thanks for the little get away!  We will for sure be doing it again.