Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jumping with Friends

About every other Friday we get the great joy of watching to adorable little guys Benjamin and Noah.  We LOVE having them here and the kids both look forward to when they come.  This was the first time this year that the weather was great and we just had to stay outside and play.  And of coarse the favorite thing is jumping!!  They have so much fun!  Lilley has even learned to jump with the "big kids" and holds her own.  She loves it more then any of the others.  Noah did not like jumping with the kids on with him so him and I hung out on the deck watching them.  He thought that was great but for some reason every time I tried to get a pic of him smiling he would turn around and stop.  The last pic was the closest that I could get.  Just wanted to document that he was there too.  Love summer days!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This little girl is pure drama!!!  It makes us laugh.  She got two road rashes on her knees from falling (she's a klutz too) and I have never seen such drama before.  She walked around holding onto things to "help" her walk and bending her knees.  She wouldn't even wear pants, shorts etc. because she said that it might touch her owies.  This girl was milking it for all it was worth.  I told Justin we might just have to put knee pads on her every time she goes outside all summer long since she is always falling.  She cracks us up and is such a girl!!!