Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Toy!

I am so EXCITED!!!
Given Daddy a lift
The first time Brantley sat in his new 4wheeler. (He was making a VRUMMM sound)

Ya I know that I'm cool!
So, for Memorial Day, instead of doing what we normally do (go camping) we decided to stay home and relax all weekend long. It was so nice! Well, Justin sold his pit bike (since it was not being used hardly at all) so we decided to get this power wheels side-by-side 4wheeler for Brantley. We have been looking at them for a while and every time that we went to the store, he would sit in them and would not want to get out. It was so cute to see his face when he walked out into the garage after his nap and see that his "ide" was at his house! He stood there for a couple of seconds just looking at it and then he started asking if it was his! He did not believe that it was his. Then he started saying "MINE!!" We have not been able to get him out of it since. He is a natural at it. He rides it around the yard, street and sidewalk without running into anything, can put it in and out of reverse, and will actually pay attention to were he is going!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Everyday Life

I have been blogging all about trips and thought that it would be fun to tell you all about the daily life here at the St.Jeor house with crazy Brantley. We wake up around 8-8:30 and Brantley has to have his PJ's off instantly. (What can I say, he likes to be naked!) When I let him down, he immediately starts running around the house. He takes about 3 or 4 laps around the island and then wants to eat.

Once eating is done, back to running around. We turn on the radio while we get ready for the day, and Brantley really likes to dance! It is so cute! He really gets into it. We then go and run all of the errands that we need to run then come home, eat "unch" and take a nap for about 2 hours.
When he wakes up, he does more of the same. Harasses Belle, throws balls and toys down the stairs, read books, runs EVERYWHERE and constantly wants to play "outide". If it is a good day, we will ride bikes and play on the slide in the backyard or even go to the park. Anything outside is good with Brantley.

Daddy get home from "wor" around 4 and Brantley gets so excited to see dada! He just loves to play with Justin. We eat dinner then play some more run more errands then go to bed around 8 so that mom and dad can have some down time. Brantley is such a good little boy, but just goes none stop and wants constant attention. I am always telling him either "no", "we don't throw things go pick it up and put it away", "tell Belle your sorry", "ok, time out!", "say please" and so on. Brantley's favorite things to say is "MINE!", "pease", "ball", "byebye conco" (the Bronco), "ide (ride)", "outide", and a lot more that I can't think of and a bunch of jiberish that I do not understand. He makes us laugh all day long. We love him so much and life would be so borring without him.
Off the subject, we buzzed his head for the first time!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Little Sahara

Brantley riding Grandpa's little 4wheeler all by himself with dad on the back

Brantley in front, Grandpa, and Bre in the back.

This is the last of several trips for a couple of weeks! We went to Little Sahara with Justin's family. Brantley wanted to "ide" all weekend long. He really liked riding with Grandpa! They have become best buds. He kept on saying "Gandpa Ide!" It is so CUTE!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Super Cross Finals

Kevin Windham doing a stoppie
The opening of the Race. You could feel the heat at our seats!
Chad Reed

A close up of Chad Reed after he won the race and the championship!
Chad Reed doing a burnout after he won

Justin and I went to the Super Cross Finals in Vegas! It was so fun to see it in person. Chad Reed won the race and the Championship! I have a secret crush on him. He is good looking, rides a bike and is Australian! Can it get any better then that?

Viva Las Vegas!

The Girls all dressed up and ready to go dancing!
Justin and I
Levi and Kristi
Josh and Rachel

This last weekend we headed down to Vegas to go and watch SuperCross. On Friday night, we all go dressed up and headed to dinner and to the clubs. We had a blast!