Sunday, February 24, 2013

Christmas Day

Every year after we open up presents at home we head over the the St.Jeor's to open everything up from Grandma and Grandpa and have of coarse more food!!  After that this year was a little different then the norm.  Normally we head straight over the my parents house for more presents but this year we went home and hung out for a bit, took naps (much needed) and then headed over to the Huggins's for more presents and then dinner.  I unfortunately left my camera at the St.Jeor's and did not have it there!!  I was so mad!  So I guess this year we didn't get any pictures there.  (I'm still mad at myself for this).   Like always it was a great Christmas full of adventures, excitement and most importantly love.  I love my family and love the holidays and this year was awesome!

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